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The attorneys of Harter & Schottland are hands-on, thorough, and aggressive lawyers with a reputation for taking cases to trial and winning. Whether you need a criminal defense lawyer, a family law attorney, or legal representation in a real estate matter or personal injury claim, you can count on us for personal service and outstanding legal representation. Harter & Schottland wins more cases.

Harter & Schottland: Something More Aggressive
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You don't have to settle for an attorney who always settles. The attorneys of Harter & Schottland will take your case before a judge, or jury if that is the best way to win justice in your case, and attain your goal. Whether you were charged with a misdemeanor or felony, we prepare every case as if it will go to trial.

Our meticulous legal work often encourages an acceptable out-of-court settlement for auto accidents and other personal injury cases. However, if the opposition refuses to be reasonable, you can rest assured that we know our way around a court room and we know how to get results.

We are aggressive advocates for our clients, but maintain the highest standards of legal ethics and integrity. Our clients benefit from the excellent working relationships we have developed with our legal peers on the bench and bar.

Responsive Service, Effective Representation in Illinois

We have won the gratitude of our clients by providing responsive service, as well as effective representation. We return calls and address legal issues promptly. Your case will not languish unattended at our firm. We understand that your legal matter may be the most important issue in your life. It is important to us, too.

To learn more about how you can put the skills and experience of Harter & Schottland to work for you, please contact our law firm today to arrange a free case evaluation.

Our attorneys can represent you anywhere in Illinois! We have offices in Lake, Cook and McHenry Counties.”

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