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When police suspect someone is running a drug ring or is in Possession of Narcotics, they have the responsibility to investigate the matter. They cannot, however, violate civil rights by searching and seizing personal property without a warrant. An illegally performed search is the first defense with any Drug Possession charge. The criminal defense lawyers at Harter & Schottland know how to attack unlawful searches and have won numerous cases by suppressing illegally obtained evidence.

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At Harter & Schottland, our Drug Crime defense attorneys have represented clients in numerous possession and delivery charge cases. We have a thorough understanding of Illinois drug law and the tricks and tactics police use to obtain evidence against our clients. If the evidence was obtained illegally, we will fight aggressively to have it tossed out and the case dismissed. However, even if the evidence was obtained lawfully, the lawyers at Harter & Schottland know how to mount a formidable defense in a drug case. Whether the evidence against you is direct or circumstantial, whether you are charged with Possession or Delivery, count on Harter & Schottland to know the law and fight these difficult charges.

If you were charged with a Drug Crime, please do not hesitate to contact us today for a free evaluation. We will meet with you to find out what happened in your case, describe the relevant law to you and outline how we can fight to defend your case. We also describe the criminal court process, so that you know what to expect with your case. Our Illinois drug crime defense lawyers have successfully handled a wide variety of Drug cases.

To learn more about Drug Possession or Delivery Charges and what we can do to defend your case, contact Harter & Schottland today. We will evaluate your case for free and tell you how we can defend you against your charges.

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