Criminal Defense
Harter & Schottland know how to fight a Weapons Charge

Conviction of a Weapons Charge can have consequences that last long after you serve your sentence. It is also important to know that Illinois has strict gun laws. Most significantly, with a weapons conviction you face prison time and a substantial fine, as well as other sentencing requirements.


Harter & Schottland: Something More Aggressive
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When you are facing a Weapons Charge, it is important to select an attorney who will fight for your future and your freedom. If you have been charged with Unlawful Possession or Use of a Weapon, contact Harter & Schottland for a free consultation. We aggressively defend clients against all Weapons Charges.  We don't focus on what deal we can get, but how we can win your case.


Our goal is to win your case and preserve your freedom, not to negotiate for less prison time. While we cannot guarantee the outcome of any case, we can tell you we have successfully defended many clients charged with serious felonies. We have a history of winning cases at trial.  We will represent you at your bond hearing, and at the arraignment, where you are formally charged. We will clearly explain the charges you are up against, and the possible penalties. Then we will develop a legal strategy to reach your goal.


Our attorneys will dig into the case, interviewing witnesses, studying the evidence, and filing motions, perhaps to suppress evidence, get the charges against you reduced or the case dismissed. We put our knowledge of the law, the courts, and the facts, and our ability to persuade a jury to work on your behalf.


If you are facing any Weapons Charge, contact us for a free consultation. We take an aggressive approach to criminal defense. And we get results.


From offices in Round Lake Beach, Waukegan and Woodstock, we represent clients throughout Northern Illinois, including the communities of Long Grove, Buffalo Grove, Lake Bluff and Vernon Hills.